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Our service

In order to offer you the best service, we are ready to integrate locally in your project team.
We take simple component design task to create complex sets.
Ydacon is distinguished by many years of experience in the field of construction and the development of manual and hydraulic clamping devices and assembly.
We put your ideas on paper.
We also coordinate the renewal of the production components by optimizing your manufacturing process.


With a very good knowledge of the countries of Central Africa, (Cameroon, Gabon, etc.)
Ydacon is the ideal partner for your business trip.
We act with energy in the
Technical translation during negotiation or translation of documents (German-French) with:
    - Participation in project management
    - calculation and monitoring of budget
    - Implementation and commissioning.
    - mediation between you and the client
      Wishes and / authority in the region



Mechanical engineering, precision mechanics, tooling, mechatronics, medical engineering


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53894 Mechernich

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@: albert.youaleu@ydacon.com